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1940's Mall 6

Once upon a time, loggers and lumberjacks got their hands on a really neat tool. It was a beastly invention, loud and menacing; capable of felling the big wood in unbelievable time. Ahh yes, the venerable chainsaw. It modernized the logging industry, helped create suburbia and provided farmers and homeowners the ability to clear land and heat homes and shops affordably. Its effects are still far reaching today. As time moved on, the heavy metal wood eating beasts were left behind for a newer generation of lightweight, high revving saws were familiar with today. We just can't leave these old wood warriors behind!  My mission is to rescue these old machines, and to restore them to their former glory. Whether it's a well deserved retirement, or one more run through the wood, they're given a second chance at life. Take a step back in time and enjoy the show. Collector or not, you'll appreciate owning one of these old wood warriors.


RAM POWERGUIDE RC-18. Probably mid to late 1950's model. Little available information on these saws.

I offer vintage and antique chainsaw restoration services. Occasionally, I  have one of my own for sale, otherwise I offer custom order pieces in stock or by procurement. If you don't own one of these old beauties; get one. If you're a vintage chainsaw collector, add one. If you'd like a nicely restored piece of your own, or to preserve a family heirloom, contact me directly at . The photos will change regularly, as new projects come through. If you are looking for a particular make or model, contact me; there may be one in the works, or waiting its turn. Thanks and enjoy!