We appreciate your affection for your old wood warrior. Every saw is treated as if it is our own. We've restored hundreds of these beautiful machines, and you'll be quite pleased with the service and value received.

 Hardware Restoration

Don't let your heirloom fade into obscurity. We offer premium restoration services for your antique chainsaw. At Yestersaw Chainsaw Restorations, we strive to preserve chainsaw history; a valuable part of Americana. Contact us today and see why so many collectors swear by our service. We offer three levels of restoration to fit your budget.


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Yestersaw Antique And Vintage Chainsaw Restorations Chainsaw Repair

 Full functionality restorations

for your old chainsaw

You’ve made an important and wise decision.




You’re ready to invest in preserving an important part of your family's history, or perhaps a piece of a special someone's career in the logging industry. Maybe you want to accent your man cave, or just own a beautiful old chainsaw. You've come to the right place.


 Mechanical restoration.



Offering a new

‣  Parts fabrication.

We're preserving chainsaw history!

 Certificates included


A near complete dis-assembly, strip and degrease. Prep for primer, all components painted with premium acrylic enamels paints, prior to reassembly, ignition tune up, carburetor rebuild, starter refurbish, chain refurbish (if applicable), custom decals,bar refinish, and reassembly.

Complete dis-assembly, with previous services described, PLUS- new piston rings, seals, gaskets, new fasteners,major body repair, and other parts that might be available, Popular with serious collectors.


Our most popular restoration service. Includes all the aforementioned services, PLUS- refurbish of all usable original fasteners and matches of missing parts with equivalent of the same circa, if available.

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Whether it’s one-man, two-man, large or small; we can deliver a finished product worthy of your enjoyment.