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Quality Craftsmanship

Our restoration process is designed with the customer in mind. It starts with a consultation to better understand what the customer wants. The utmost care is taken in restoring your treasured wood warrior. We only consider a job “well-done” if it is completed at the highest-quality and if it exceeds our customer’s expectations.

We are proud to serve collectors with years of experience and attention to detail.  Whether you’re looking to restore a valued heirloom or a rare collectible, we have you covered. Three levels of restoration are offered. Call or email today for a free estimate.


What We Do

We Turn This….

Mono Model 43 before restoration


Into This!

Mono Model 43 after restoration

We’re There for You!

Whether you’re an avid collector without the time, tools or skills to bring your old wood warrior back to life or you’ve inherited a loved one’s cherished chain saw. We offer top shelf restoration services at an affordable price. Three levels of restoration are available to suit your needs and budget: Custom, Premium and our most popular Heirloom.

Years of experience, an eye for detail and a love of vintage chainsaws, provides you with peace of mind, when you turn your treasure over to us. We treat every saw as if it were our own. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the finished product. 


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Give Your Old Saw a New Life

Preserving the Past

Beneath all that grease, grime, wear and tear, there lives a wood eater waiting to be brought back to life. Why not give your saw a new lease on life and feel the power of an old school chainsaw? All saws are fully functional after restoration. Most enjoy a well deserved honorable retirement. Shelf display is completely acceptable, but if you’d like to fire it up and enjoy the smoky smell and loud exhaust of a beastly chainsaw from years gone by, that’s certainly an option. 

Restoration is an involved process. Many hours are required to produce a worthy result. No quick clean and rattle can paint jobs. Saws are disassembled and we start from scratch. Premium paints, sealers and clear coats are used along with custom produced decals and badging to provide the ultimate finish. 


Custom Restoration Level

Every saw is disassembled, degreased, repaired, prepped, primed painted and reassembled after paintwork to insure a better than factory finish. Custom level restoration omits disassembly of crankcase (unless necessary) and provides allowance for cost savings if requested.


Premium Restoration Level

Same as Custom, plus crankcase disassembly and additional attention to body/frame repairs. Handle bar re-chroming (additional cost) and cylinder relining (outsourced additional cost). 


Heirloom Restoration Level

Same as Premium Level, plus a focused effort to keep as much of the original as possible (screws, nuts, bolts, engravings, etc.) Extensive effort to replace missing parts with original replacements.